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North East Victoria

Self-sufficiency tribulations II

by Charlie Robinson I am living proof that good luck will always compensate for stupidity and ineptitude.¬† In my last article I bewailed my inability to produce even one drop of apple juice, despite a considerable investment in time, money, and expletives.¬† Good luck came in the guise of my inventive brother-in-law who just happened…

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Cutting back my kilowatts

by Gabrielle Prior Cutting back your kilowatts¬† – it’s like cutting back calories, but easier! And you don’t have to give up chocolate!! I started out with the best intentions to get the filing done, but got sidetracked when it came to electricity bills. I wonder how our usage has changed over 3 years……… An…

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DIY Double Glazing

By Gabrielle Prior Tired of living in a winter cave with the curtains drawn to keep in the warmth? Wish you had double glazing but can’t afford it? Renting a house so window or curtain upgrades aren’t an option? Want a way to help keep the heat in and maybe reduce your heating costs? What…

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